Wendy has always had an interest in healing for both people and animals so she went on a journey to find a therapy she could learn and offer to people and their furry companions. Reiki resonated with her because of how well animals and people respond to it.

Her and her husband started a dog kennel called Tail Waggin’ Dog Ranch in Muncey, Ontario and they are celebrating their 10th Anniversary in January.

Working with and getting to know the dogs in their care she felt a need to extend the offerings to be able to provide the healing touch of Reiki to their furry guests.

She has also recently been taking some classes in Animal Communication to help her fully understand the dogs in their care at the kennel.

She has her Level III Reiki, along with a diploma for Thanatology, as well as Animal Assisted Therapy. 

Wendy is offering treatments from their home on the ranch for both people and animals.